Cooperation with Novagear AG – Determination of power loss in turbo gearboxes

Power losses are an important issue in the design of turbo transmissions. Due to the very high circumferential speed of the gears in the respective stages and also high tooth widths due to high torques, very strong air and oil movements occur in the housing. This results in power losses that must be minimised in order to enable economical operation.

Particularly in the area of turbo transmissions, air movement accounts for a significant proportion of the losses. To date, these have been determined using emipirical equations and optimisation to reduce them has been carried out on the basis of experience and literature findings.

Depending on the gearbox design, this procedure can sometimes result in significant deviations from reality.

With the help of an innovative simulation coupling of the FVM (Finite Volume Method) and SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics), we supported Novagear AG (Switzerland, Zurich) in the design process with regard to the determination and optimisation of the power losses caused by the air and oil.

The results were checked as part of a measurement campaign and a deviation of 5 % was found between reality and simulation.

You can find the corresponding article by Novagear AG on LinkedIn here.

Transformation of SMEs in the automotive industry

On 22 November 2023, the automotive engineering network (aen) hosted another edition of the series “Transformation of SMEs in the automotive industry – using AI” in Karlsruhe.

Under the title “Digital twin using the discrete element method – simulation in battery cell production”, our Managing Director Dr Patrick Neuenfeldt gave an insight into the possibilities offered by the discrete element method in the context of battery production, highlighting possible fields of application and the resulting benefits.


ICM InnovationChallenge 2023 – Project AddDem accepted!

SADEN GmbH, as one of the leading service provider for discrete element simulations in Germany, focuses on the latest simulation techniques and methods as well as a close connection to research in order to solve increasingly complex customer problems economically.

As part of the InnovationChallenge 2023 of the InnovationCampus Mobility of the Future, SADEN GmbH together with the wbk Institute for Production Science of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has received approval for the project AddDem.

With the topic of “Characterization of technical powders for multi-scale modeling of particle processes, using metal additive manufacturing as an example”, characterization and modeling procedures are to be investigated on the basis of metal powders, which will fundamentally enable complex ultra-fine powder systems to be modeled and analyzed very quickly at the plant scale in the future.

You can find the press article of the InnovationCampus here.